The History of Blacks in Germany at the University of Missouri aims to explore German relationships with blacks through colonialism until the present day.

This website aims to use the murder of Amadeu Antonio Kiowa to serve as a central example for a death caused by xenophobic actions in Germany. The use of Afro-German identity exploration also serves to reach a better understanding towards the sense of community towards the black population in Germany, although their backgrounds can differ greatly. If Afro-Germans have been struggling for decades to accept their identities as Afro-German or black and struggle to receive social acknowledgement for being German citizens, why would non-German blacks not experience backlash for their non-German nationality as well? The ideal of German solely meaning whiteness is still held highly by German citizens today, thus resulting in the deaths and injuries of many Afro-Germans and non-German blacks in Germany.


John Kantara’s “No Go Germany”

BBC News’ Race Hate in Germany

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

Campt, Tina. Other Germans: Black Germans And the Politics of Race, Gender, And Memory in the Third Reich. 2005. 296.

Reach Out Berlin


Sydne Hayman


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