The Death of Amadeu Antonio Kiowa

On December 6, 1990 28-year-old Amadeu Antonio Kiowa died from injuries he received from being attacked by a group of skinheads in Eberswalde, Germany. Kiowa, born August 12, 1962 in Quimebele, Angola, came to the Eberswalde, a town in the German state of Brandenburg, as a contract worker for the German Democratic Republic.On November 24, about 50 skinheads attacked Kiowa and two of his friends from Mozambique in a nightclub and were reported to be on the hunt for black people. Kiowa’s two severely injured friends managed to escape but Kiowa fell into a come after the attack and died December 6. He is noted as one of the first German fatalities of German violence after the fall of the wall in 1989.

John A. Kantara, a Black German journalist, discusses some of the history of xenophobia and hatred towards Afro-Germans in his blog post, No Go Germany. Kantara held Kiowa’s son, who was born after Kiowa’s death and also visited him as he grew in his teens. Kantara’s input on Afro-German life and treatment towards blacks in Germany is significant because Kantara himself is an Afro-German from Berlin. Kantara, like many black children we’ve studied who were born in Germany, is the product of a relationship between a German woman and African man. The relationship between Kantara’s parents ended due to social tensions involving the racial make-up of the family.

In his piece No Go Germany, Kantara explores treatment towards blacks in Germany with specific examples and personal experiences, offering a new look into the discrimination faced by Afro-Germans.

Kiowa’s death initiated Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, a foundation that fights against racism and violence in Germany, specifically neo-Nazi violence and anti-Semitism, along with songs that were done in his memory.

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